Why Titan :

Your family will delight in months of extra fun and comfort added to your swimming season, as well as increasing your return on investment.

  • High efficiency performance
  • Quiet operation
  • Set and forget controls
  • Low water flow safety cut-off switch
  • Pollution-free operation
  • Simple installation

    Oversized air heat collectors matched with industry leading designed water heat exchangers are utilized to transfer free heat, present in outdoor air, to warm your pool water.

    The high efficiency compressor and fan motor require only a fraction of electricity to operate, compared to the heat energy that is transferred from the air to the water.

    Peace of mind - Knowing you have the best!

    Titan's Titanium Heat Exchanger will last year after year after year, performing perfectly even when your pool water isn't.

    We guarantee it!

    Our appliances are warranted to be free of manufacturing defects in workmanship and materials for 1 full year beginning from the date of purchase.

    In addition, the compressor is warranted against manufacturing defects for 4 years following the expiration date of the warranty.

    The heat exchanger titanium pipe is guaranteed for 10 full years against chemical corrosion.
    See manual for full details.